Our School

Telfair International Primary School is a community school which has approximately 90 children. We are presently occupying 2 large houses and 2 large play grounds. Our school has a homely and family feel and our children are nurtured. We encourage children to mix socially across all ages.

Our classrooms are air-conditioned and light and provide a happy & conducive learning environment. We have separate rooms for: Media, Computer, Library, Music and Movement, Monkeynastix, Art; as well as a shaded area where all children are seated at tables to eat their lunch.

Our Hours

Monday to Thursday: 8.15am to 2.15pm

Clubs: 2:15 to 3:15

Friday: 8.15am to 1.00pm

Break 9.15am / Lunch 11.25am.

Our Term Dates 2021

First Term: January 12 – April 1

Home school – May 17 – July 2 

Second Term: July 5 – August 6

Third Term: August 25 – November 26



Our Staff

Meet some of our amazing teachers, assistants, specialist teachers & staff at Telfair…

Feeder Schools

Tiny Tots Day Care Centre is the main feeder school to Telfair International Primary School.  Le Bocage International High School is our feeder school. Our children graduating from TIPS are not required to sit an entrance exam for Le Bocage.


Our children wear uniforms. Our summer, winter and sports uniforms, as well as school bags, may be purchased from “The School Shop” in Candos. All stationery and books are provided by the school and need not be purchased.
Why ‘Telfair’ International Primary School
Dr. Charles Telfair was an English surgeon who worked on the British Navy ships between 1808 and 1810. In many respects, he proved himself to be innovative, knowledgeable and above all humane. He was the first sugar estate owner to set up a school for his workers’ children. He introduced machines to increase productivity and was the first to use a horizontal sugar mill. He was the founder of the Natural History Society in Mauritius. He used his extensive botanical and zoological knowledge to introduce new plants and animals to the island. Dr.Telfair lived through and participated in the Napoleonic Wars, but he befriended and was admired by French and British alike. Throughout the years he lived in Mauritius he sought to raise the living standards of the inhabitants, regardless of their ethnic backgrounds. He remains an inspirational figure for his often-selfless contribution to his adopted country. His logo, of an arm with an arrow, was derived from his conviction that with self confidence, vision, courage and strong beliefs, your arrow would reach its target without the need of a bow.

charles telfair

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