Prefects at TIPS

prefectsWe at Telfair International Primary School started the year with a new event at student level. This year we elected our first prefects. We have a head prefect – Mila Casaleggio and 2 deputy head prefects – Khelvan Permal and Aislin Chambers.

All our prefects are from Grade 5 and exceptionally this year we have 2 deputy head prefects due to a very close tie between the two nominees. Classes 1-5 voted for the nominees who were all from Grade 5. The students’ votes were counted and the learning staff and the headmistress took a vote and ultimately decided on the finalists.

The other students of Grade 5 have been elected as monitors and they assist the prefects in their duties.

Our school prefects have a designated list of duties where they assist teachers by lining up students during assembly time, lunch and snack time. They also help on the playground and at home going time.

This, we believe, is a good opportunity for our students to accept and carry out responsibilities independently and voluntarily thus grooming them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Category : News Posted on March 15, 2012

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