At Telfair International Primary School, we incorporate British Curriculum. Within the framework, we provide an education which offers a coherent and continuous range of knowledge which allows children to participate, and develop inquisitive personalities.


    Our classes are kept small and are divided into smaller groups according to each child’s individual academic level, enabling the teachers to support and encourage their unique potential.

Our subjects include:

* Numeracy, Literacy
* Design and Technology
* Science
* Personal and Social Education
* French 1st Language
* French as foreign language
* Computing / Educational games
* History
* Geography
* Citizenship
* Art and Design
* Music
* Physical Education
* Drama
* Singing
* Monkeynastix
* Dance.



Our children benefit from success of home and school involvement, and it is essential that the relationship between the two remain harmonious and close. We therefore encourage parents to take an active interest in their children’s work and supervise and monitor their homework daily.

After School Activities:

      We encourage parents to share their talents and run clubs and organise various activities after school hours. We are also in close proximity to a Sports Club and an Activity Centre which provide various activities, catered for children, and taught by qualified and experienced staff.

These ranges of activities are exciting ways of bringing learning alive.